Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day Six (30 May 2016)

As the presentation was really near, tonight we had to work OT (over time) to prepare for the presentation to our mentors. And to our surprise, our ideas continue to flow despite being after official work hours. We guess this is what creative work is all about, having ideas generated at odd hours and getting the adrenaline rush to get work done!

The highlight of the day was the sharing by HR Director of Leo Digital Media, Ms Yang Hua. She is very amiable and asks us to address her as 桦姐. We had one hour of fruitful learning from asking questions regarding what corporation looks out for when they are doing recruitment and what are the qualities that a newbie should have.

We will be using the 3-2-1 Bridge MTV thinking routine to sum up our learning from her sharing.

Jervis Tan

3 things I have learnt from today’s sharing by Ms Yang Hua:
I have learnt that sometimes having the knowledge is not everything. Companies may not recruit you just because you have sufficient knowledge but more importantly, you must have a positive attitude. It is alright not to know everything but as long as we are willing to learn, we will be able to catch up on the lack of relevant knowledge and skills. Companies would want employees who are willing to learn and share, who are hardworking, able to communicate well and work together as a team.

Another point that I have learnt is that you need to build a good relationship with people so that we can help one another. However, it may be very difficult to please everyone so we should also focus on doing our job well. We should try to help out when it is within our ability and make an effort to spend more time to understand our colleagues better. We should not be afraid to contribute a little bit more as it also benefits us, making us grow professionally.

Last point that I have learnt and agree very much to is when we should not regret on the decision that we made earlier as at that moment, we have already made the choice. We should always take responsibility for our own decision because our decision was based on what we wanted on that point in time. We should always look forward to what is coming up rather than look back and grieve on what we had lost.

2 things I can apply to my current state as a student:
I should always give my 100% in whatever things I do so that the job will be well done and time and effort will not be wasted. For example, when we embark on a project, we can either give our 100% and do it once or give a 50% and end up redoing the project.

Another thing I can apply is always clarify when we are in doubt. We should not assume that we know how to do so that there will not be a miscommunication.

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Justin Ow

3 things I have learnt from today’s sharing by Ms Yang Hua:
Today I learnt that finding a job has a lot of factors to take into consideration. We must equip ourselves with the relevant knowledge, skills and correct attitude and find a career that is a right fit with our interest and talent.

I also learnt that when we just enter the company, we should be willing to contribute more to display our enthusiasm for the job and also have the positive attitude at work. But when we are unable to cope, we should also have to learn to say no when necessary.

I also learnt that getting a job we really like and want to do is not easy and it requires quite a bit of trial and error to explore and discover my forte.

2 things I can apply to my current state as a student:
I can start thinking what course I would want to enter for my post-secondary education as this will affect what career I can take on in the near future. Knowing that, I will work harder towards achieving my goals on getting into the course.
I can also apply what I learnt on how to prepare for an interview when when I’m looking for a part-time job back in Singapore during the school holidays.

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Learning tips on choosing the right job!

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