Sunday, 29 May 2016

Day Three (27 May 2016)

We continued working on our various projects at LEO Digital today.

And the menu for today’s MTV thinking routine is… Headlines

“Finally, we get to start work!”
Today, we finally get to start working on our assigned projects. We started with deciding on the marketing strategies and of course, creative promotion ideas we are going to implement based on the given scenario. Today we also got to interact more with our mentors. The mentors were very friendly and they took time off doing their work to come and help us now and then despite their project deadlines nearing. In addition, the mentors showed us a sample of a marketing proposal that they did. This helped us understand more about our tasks and also guided us in facilitating our ideas.

“Life without Google is surprisingly adaptable.”

Even though China has no access to Google, YouTube and the like, they have developed  platforms that are very similar to these search engines like youku and Baidu, just to name a few. For those who are used to Google, they will find it quite hard to use these search engines, especially if they are not good in the Chinese language. As my group and I was doing some research for our project, we realised that it was surprisingly hard to search for what we wanted to look for but we overcome it and are able to find what we needed using these new platforms.

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