Thursday, 26 May 2016

Day One (25 May 2016) - Shanghai, here we come!

The team was really excited!  For some, this is the first time we are going on a trip on our own.

During our stay in Shanghai, we will be using Making Thinking Visible (thinking routines) to guide our reflections.  Today we will be using 3-2-1 Bridge.

Day One was spent getting from Singapore to Shanghai, and settling in to our new home for the next few days.

This is what Belinda Liau had to say:

"Three things I have learnt today on my first day in Shanghai. Firstly, I learnt how airplane procedures work this means what you do on the airplane and the safety precautions that come along with it. Since this is my first time going overseas via an airplane it is really an eye opening experience. At first I was really worried when I got onto the plane my teachers and friends helped along the way. Secondly, I learnt that many people build their buildings based on the “feng shui”. “Feng shui” is believed to determine certain aspects of the place such as luck, fortune and overall energy level among the people there. Last but not least, while sightseeing and traveling around Shanghai I learnt that you have to keep a look out for your belongings at all times and your backpack must be carried in front of you for safety reasons. Unlike Singapore where we can just leave our belonging on a table and leave it there without worrying about it getting stolen. I personally think these are one of the many things that we take for granted in Singapore.

Two things I am excited about for this trip. Firstly, I am really excited about going to office and start work as this would be a first for me. I think learning new things would very exciting and would give me an insight of how working in an office feels like. Secondly, I would be excited about being exposed to a new culture. When I first arrived in Shanghai I was amazed at how different the culture was compared to the on in Singapore. I definitely look forward to learn more about the culture here in Shanghai.

One question I have would be, “which courses would be recommended to take if I wanted to join the e-commercial industry”. Since O levels are drawing nearer, I think this would a good opportunity to explore this field of work. Not only that e-commercial is a growing industry and the demand for it seems to have been growing bigger over the years.

Overall, this trip has been quite eye-opening and even though this is the first day of the trip I can already see how fortunate we are in Singapore. I hope to learn many more things for the days to come for this trip."

Charlene Toh also shared on her first day in Shanghai:

Firstly, today, when we were first told that we were travelling by an SQ plane, I was wondering why everyone made such a big fuss about travelling via SQ, so I was excited to experience what made it so special.  I am extremely grateful that the school gave us an opportunity to travel via such exquisite planes instead of going for budget airlines.

Secondly, when we drove into the Shanghai main district area, I did not expect the city to be so green and clean! There were so many pretty colourful flowers growing everywhere and there were many trees. It was cleaner and greener than I expect. However, it did look a bit foggy. To be honest, the multi-coloured flowers and green trees that line the streets of Shanghai look way prettier than Singapore streets.

Thirdly, I have learn that Shanghai people are very straightforward. You will need to boldly reject them. For example, today, when we went out together, the people on the street were
very pushy with the brochures and tried to make us take it. However, if you shook your head, they would stare at you offended. It was alright though; I can understand how they feel.  However, maybe if they smiled, more people would take their brochures.

Two things I’m excited about…Firstly, I’m excited to meet the mentors and learn from them. I’m excited to know their expectations from us and I’m curious to know if they can teach us well and if I’m able to understand them easily.

Secondly I’m also quite excited to know what they are all about and what they are going to let us work on. I hope that we don’t become too much of a burden to them. I hope we will be able to work professionally and keep things professional.

One question I have…How did they manage to grow the company so big?

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